Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Product Review of Laminated Fabric Tablecloth

I am the mother of two young children...two MESSY children.  They seem incapable of getting through a meal without spilling something.  We have a fairly nice dinner table that we would like to last for a long time, so my husband started pressuring me to get a tablecloth.

Problem...I hate tablecloths!  Love the look of them, but hate the look of vinyl and the constant laundering of fabric.  Vinyl looks cheap, and fabric would need to be washed and ironed daily due to my messy, messy kids.  I had to look for another solution.

I started doing web searches for higher quality vinyl tablecloths when I stumbled upon the solution to my problems!  A laminated fabric tablecloth looks and feels like fabric, but cleans with the ease of vinyl.  I didn't believe it and needed to see this in person, so I headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond for a closer look.

The laminated fabric tablecloth is amazing!  It feels like a sturdy, thick fabric.  It was available in several designs that were very subtle...nothing like tacky vinyl!  I true test for the tablecloth would be seeing how easy it would be to clean.  That night, my children put it to the test.

My son promptly spilled a full glass of apple juice all over it.  The juice beaded up and wiped away with ease.  I lifted the tablecloth and found that not a drop had seeped through onto the table!

In the few weeks that we have been using this tablecloth, we have spilled everything from honey to wine on it, and I have never needed to do anything more than wipe it down with a damp cloth or antibacterial wipe.  Although it is machine washable and safe for the dryer, I have not had to do that yet.

I am thrilled with my laminated fabric tablecloth, and I highly recommend it to people looking to protect their tables without using ugly vinyl or resigning to laundering a new tablecloth everyday.  They are available at Bed Bath and Beyond in the stores and online.  Questions? Feel free to post one for me.  I don't sell these things, I don't get a commission, but I do want to help other people out there find good products that make life easier!


  1. i have the same tablecloth and feel the same way. I am looking to find other designs and patterns, any suggestions?