Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day gift for Dad

Finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift can be tricky.  Not only do I have to get one from me, but I also have to make sure that the kids have something to give their daddy.  This year, I decided to give him one gift from all three of us. 

While there are some great Valentine's Day gifts for men out there, I opted to make something special this year. I started by interviewing both of my children.  All of the questions related to their dad, and the answers were hilarious!  Once I had the text I needed, I got to work on the design.

Using Adobe Illustrator, I used photos of the kids with their dad as the background.  I used sepia tone and adjusted the opacity so that the text would stand out when added.  On another layer, I added the text and put the kid's answers a different font.  When I was satisfied with the layout, I printed the pictures and put them in a double frame.  Happy Valentine's Day!